• Carolyn L. Dean

Want to go to Scotland with me?

Pre-order is now UP for the fourth adventure in the World Traveler cozy mystery series!

A sudden trip abroad. Another tangled mystery.

A missing woman. A tangle of lies. A trail that leads to a hidden life.

When her boss' friend is suddenly missing in Scotland, Jennifer Peetman is hot on the trail! With her French bulldog companion, Orly, she goes from her cozy home in Cornwall to the wilds of coastal Scotland, trying to track down the truth. The more she digs, the more lies and twists she finds.

Is it just a fluke that she's the only one who seems to be interested in what happened to the missing woman? Or is it a cover-up for murder?

Clean language, and only rated PG because hey, there’s a murderer running around in this book.

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