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3...2...1... MORE BOOKS!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

It's been a crazy couple of years, hasn't it?

We've all had some strange times, dealing with pandemic closures and such, and things in our personal lives. I'd taken quite a bit of time off from writing, dealing with the loss of several family members and our move cross-country to Texas. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be back writing again, visiting my old friends in Ravenwood Cove and around the world, and weaving new stories and adventures. The newest book will be out in January of 2022. #newbook #2022 #RavenwoodCove

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Jan 14

Why is it so hard to find most of your books in paperback?


Cathy Hloros
Cathy Hloros
Jul 15, 2023

Where can I get your newest book since Amazon said they won't be carrying it?

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